Losing Ares by Kim Conrey



Violence/adult (endangered children/no direct on scene violence to children), addiction, death, sexual scenes (adult/consensual), attempted suicide (non-graphic)

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“Peace had always struck Nick as something that would be soft like a summer breeze, but instead, it hit Nick like a hurricane and made the backs of his eyes sting. He had grown so used to anguish that he felt the peace might kill him.”

Nicholas Theodoulos is an immortal savior in desperate need of saving. All the power, wisdom, and even the favor of the gods is not enough when 1,700 years of heartache have left marks on his soul. But Noory Abramson, a streetwise woman with a sacred tattoo and a touch of grace, steps from the shadows, not knowing if she’s arrived in time to save him or end him for good. With a heart grown as heavy as his, either fate might do.

When Noory observes Nick grieving over the body of a young girl in a deserted Atlanta alley, she isn’t sure whether he is friend or foe. However, she quickly realizes his special powers to rescue children and rain down vengeance on those that harm them may be the only thing that can help her when one of her charges, sixteen-year-old Grace, goes missing from the local homeless shelter. Soon, Nick discovers Noory has secrets of her own: one that might lead him to redemption, and possibly love, for the first time in his painful existence.

In their world, a gift looks a lot like a curse, and Noory must reach Nick before his gift consumes him.

Praise for Nicholas Eternal

“A well written novel with characters that come to life with internal struggle, ancient powers, and a touch of noir.”

—Ben Meeks,
author of The Keeper Chronicles

“This roller coaster ride of a story is beyond captivating. It’s the most heartfelt tale I have ever read and absolutely brilliant.”

—KJ Fieler,
author of Shadow Runner

“A sacred tattoo… a painful existence and the nodes of fate … NICHOLAS ETERNAL is a mesmerizing, stay-up-all-night story of sacrifice, survival, and just how beautiful a broken heart can be. A must-read urban fantasy from author Kim Conrey!”

—McKinley Aspen,
award-winning author of Praesidium (Shadows in the Wind, Book One)

“Fresh, original, and thoroughly compelling in the process of transcending definitions of urban fantasy, paranormal romance, or anything in-between. It crafts satisfying twists and turns, possibilities readers might not see coming, and confrontations that test the boundaries of good and evil intentions.

These issues will especially attract book club readers looking for stories that promise lively debates and discussions about good, evil, love, and underlying forces affecting choice.”

—D. Donovan,
Senior Reviewer,
Midwest Book Review

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“One look back and she knew she’d sell out half the colony just to be in his arms again.”

In the 25th century, the recently widowed Prince Jack Windsor escapes his grief after the death of his wife and child by fleeing to Mars to solve the mystery of the dormant HMS Ares. When Harlow Hanson, the Robin Hood of the Martian colony, sneaks aboard to plunder the ship in order to save her people, the Ares springs to life and begins communicating with her. Prince Jack realizes the woman stealing from him is the key he’s been searching for.

Harlow awakens the ship and the grieving prince’s heart, but all too soon, she’s forced to betray him. Still fighting to believe in her, Jack will give up his crown and all he’s ever known for the love of this beautiful thief and her rogue colony, while the fate of two planets hangs in the balance.

Praise for Stealing Ares

“Whether you’re a sci-fi fan, a romance, devotee, or someone who enjoys a beautiful story of survival, it’s impossible not to fall in love with Harlow Hanson.”

—Katherine Nicholas,
author of The Unreliables

“A romance stretching across a divided world. Harlow struggles with a past that never lets go and enters a relationship that ratchets up the suspense of the story, making it impossible to put down. Stealing Ares delivers.”

—Sharon Grosh,
author of Lazarus Rising

Stealing Ares is an inventive and creative adventure that will have you thinking about the characters’ plight between readings… With innovative ideas… and tender moments that will have all readers falling in love with Harlow and Jack.”

—David McDaniel,
author of The War for the Quarterstar Shards series

Kim Conrey: Losing Ares

Sexual scenes (consensual/adult), violence, death, endangered children (no direct violence), discussion of adult sexual assault—some told in mild flashback.

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“He knew a stronger man might use this as an opportunity to ask her how it felt to want something, someone, and be denied, but he couldn’t do it.”

First Sgt. Carlos Gonsalves has pledged his allegiance to the rogue Mars colony and to his best friend, the former rebel aristocrat, Jack Windsor. Going all in for the colony means he’s been declared AWOL and cannot return to Earth, but it was worth it, especially now that he’s found the love of his life: Safia Asfour.

With the off-world colony on the brink of civil war, the rebels recruit a savior to tip the balance. Unfortunately, he’s a predator from Safia’s past who threatens to destroy her relationship with Carlos—and she’ll let him if it will save the lives of her friends aboard the starship HMS Ares. Meanwhile, best friend Harlow Hanson has an idea that will help Safia get her power back: Safia will deal out the vigilante justice Harlow once did before marrying Jack. Though Safia becomes a force to be reckoned with, no force in the galaxy can stop the predator determined to claim her as his own.

Losing Ares shows just how far the colonists will go to protect the ones they call family. Carlos is about to prove it, even if he must punch a hole through two planets to save the one he loves.

Advance Praise for Losing Ares

“An exciting read set in an engrossing world. It’ll have you saying, ‘Just one more chapter!’ over and over again as you get swept up in the passion of Carlos and Safia’s story.”

—Meg M. Robinson,
author of The Immortal Love series

“On the heels of the wonderfully engaging STEALING ARES (Book One), this series continues with fierce characters, steady pace, and strong emotions in a journey that is woven together like a beautiful concerto. Highly recommend—This is an author not to be missed!”

—McKinley Aspen,
award winning author of Praesidium (Shadows in the Wind, Book One)

“Conrey’s LOSING ARES compels readers to join her on a journey where Safia Asfour must find a way to reclaim her power or lose everything, including the man she loves.”

—Katherine Nichols,
author of The Unreliables

Author Kim Conrey: Romance, Magic and Grit.


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