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Nicholas Eternal Cover Reveal!

“This roller coaster ride of a story is beyond captivating. It’s the most heartfelt tale I have ever read and absolutely brilliant.”
—KJ Fieler, author of Shadow Runner

Release date June 27, 2023. Keep reading for the synopsis and the story behind the story…

Nicholas Theodoulos is supernaturally gifted at locating runaway or abducted children, but 1600 years of saving them—and sometimes failing—from the darkest of humanity has entombed his heart. When homeless shelter manager, Noory Abramson, observes him grieving over the body of a young girl, in a deserted Atlanta alley, she isn’t sure whether he is friend or foe but quickly realizes that his special powers may be the only thing that can help her when fifteen-year-old Grace goes missing from the shelter. However, Nick discovers a sacred tattoo on Noory’s wrist and realizes that she has secrets of her own: one that might lead him to redemption, and possibly love, for the first time in his existence.

Together they set out to find Grace but uncover the secret agenda of a dark entity offering utopia in exchange for free will. Worse, Nick just might let him win, if it can end the almost two-thousand-year-old ache in his soul from a gift he never asked for.

Along with getting Nicholas Eternal into the world, I will also be getting a new website into the world. The Ares website will still be here in all its science-driven glory. But most of my Nicholas info will be on my new Kimconrey.com website that will be completed around mid May.

As promised, here’s the story behind the story. Years ago, I volunteered as a Court Appointed Special Advocate or (CASA). This is a program where you are trained to advocate for the needs of children who are taken into the care of the Department of Family and Children’s Services. The area where you live may call it something slightly different, but you get the point. The advocate gathers information by meeting with the child, the foster parents, bio parents, teachers, therapists, etc., and then compiles a report with a recommendation for placement and other needs to be met. This gives the judge additional information to consider. This job could be very discouraging though. There was often no happy ending but simply… an ending. And I wasn’t in as deep as some of these case workers who’d been doing their jobs for decades! That set me wondering, what would happen if this seemingly endless job truly was endless. In Nick’s case, it is. Though at least he gets to go out and unleash hell on those who harm the vulnerable; that Kubrick stare on the cover ain’t for nothin’. Though he has supernatural-level power–I often describe him as a sainted Tony Stark–he’s a savior in need of saving. Aren’t we all at some point?

I could talk to you about Nick and the woman who shows up in his life at just the right time, or the wrong time–much of that depends on what he will allow himself to receive–but for now, I’ll just say this book has been a long time coming and carries with it a significant piece of my heart.

I’ll keep you updated on news and preorders.

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Kim Conrey is the author of the urban fantasy Nicholas Eternal Book One in The Wayward Saviors series and the sci-fi romance series Ares Ascending. She's also the recipient of the Georgia Author of the Year Award for Romance. She podcasts with the Wild Women Who Write Take Flight and serves as VP of Operations for the Atlanta Writers Club. She also writes about the misunderstood condition of OCD.


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